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Manufacturers for Private Labels

  • Ibis Flour
    Lotus All Purpose Flour
    Lotus Bakers Flour
    Hibiscus Flour
    Lion Self-Rising Flour
    Lotus Cake Flour
  • Breading Flour
    High Gluten Bakers
    Cookie Flour
    Cracker Flour
    Saf Instant Yeast Gold
    Saf Instant Yeast Red
  • Lotus Whole Wheat Flour
    good N' natural Whole Wheat Flour
    good N' natural Cracked Wheat
    good N' natural Wheat Bran
    Lion Baking Powder
    Lotus Icing Sugar
  • SAF Instant Yeast
    Mauripan Yeast
    Lotus Custard Powder
    good N' natural Wheat Germ
    good N' natural Wheat Cereal
    Lion Pholourie Mix
  • Lion Split Peas Powder
    good N' natural Coconut Milk Powder
    Lotus Parboiled Rice
    good N' natural Brown Rice
    Lotus Soya Bean Oil
    good N' natural Ginger Tea
  • Command Performance Dog Food
    Command Performance Puppy Food
    Poultry Feed
    Horse Feed
    Pig Feed
    Dairy Feed
  • Sheep/Goat Feed
    All Purpose Feed
    Extruded Feed