Amended Notice of Forty-Seventh Annual Meeting of Shareholders

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Forty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the Shareholders of National Flour Mills Limited (NFM) which was originally scheduled to be held on Thursday 25th June 2020, Theatre 1, National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA), Keate Street, Port of Spain will now be held on Thursday 30th July 2020 at 10.00 a.m. in the Scarlet Ibis/Flamingo Rooms at the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre, Lady Young Road, Port of Spain as the primary location as well as in Theatre 1, National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA), Keate Street, Port of Spain as a secondary location. The primary location will be connected to the secondary location via Zoom app and shareholders can also attend the meeting via Zoom app for the following purposes:

Ordinary Business

  1. To receive and adopt the accounts for the financial year ended 31st December 2019 and the Reports of the Directors and Auditors thereon;
  2. To re-elect/elect Directors;
  3. To re-appoint Auditors and to authorize Directors to fix their remuneration;
  4. To transact any other business as may properly come before the meeting or any adjournment thereof.

Notwithstanding the attempts to preserve some degree of normalcy, the ongoing restrictions regarding public gatherings of no more than twenty-five (25) persons will continue to apply. NFM remains committed to safeguarding the health and well-being of our shareholders and urges all shareholders to comply with the current public health guidelines. Should you have any questions or concerns for the Directors, you can visit the Registered Office of the Company during the period 23rd July 2020 to 28th July 2020 to deposit your Proxy Forms and convey your concerns. We will take note of your concerns and ensure that responses are provided during the meeting. Please note that shareholders who are not attending the meeting must deposit their Proxy Forms to the Registered Office of the Company no later than 28th July 2020. No arrangements will be available for online voting.


  1. Record Date
    The Directors have fixed the 30th of June 2020 as the Record Date for determining shareholders who are entitled to receive Notice of the Meeting, and have given notice thereof by advertisement in accordance with the Companies Act. Shareholders listed on the Register of Members as at the close of business on that date will be notified of the meeting by mail. A list of those shareholders will be available for examination by shareholders at the Registered Office of the Trinidad and Tobago Central Depository, 10th Floor, Nicholas Tower, 63-65 Independence Square, Port of Spain during normal working hours and at the Annual Meeting.
  2. Proxies
    A Member of the Company entitled to attend and vote at the above Meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote in his/her stead. Such proxy need not also be a Member of the Company. In the event that a Member of the Company wishes to appoint a proxy to vote in his/her stead, such Member is required to complete and sign the appropriate Proxy Form. The signed Proxy Form should be deposited with the Secretary of the Company at the Company’s Registered Office, 27-29 Wrightson Road, Port of Spain 48 hours in advance of the Meeting. Where a Proxy is appointed by a corporate Member, the form of Proxy should be executed under seal or signed by an Officer or Attorney duly authorized.
  3. Annual Report
    The Annual Report can be accessed from the Company’s website

By Order of the Board
Sati Jagmohan
Corporate Secretary
26th June 2020