Food Safety practices are much about ‘how we do, what we do’ in the workplace. At National Flour Mills Limited (NFM), everyone shares this responsibility- employees, service providers and visitors to a lesser extent. Food safety training is essential. Moreover, training sessions are customized for different groups according to their function and level of involvement in the manufacturing process. Some are quite thorough for plant supervisors and operators. Others are simple, to introduce administrative staff to the food safety basics. As a general food safety rule, the entire workforce must receive food safety training annually.

The newest installment of food safety training, ‘Food Safety Thursdays’, started on 19th September 2019 with the Flour Milling and Packaging Department. Weekly half-hour sessions are done before the morning shift. They are practical and can be highly interactive at times. NFM has found that by taking the training out of the classroom and on to the plant, the familiarity of the location makes it easier for higher levels of engagement and feedback. ‘Food Safety Thursdays’ will continue throughout October 2019. It is anticipated that by the end of the period plant workers and supervisors will have a better understanding of the audit requirements for GMPs, Sanitation, Packaging, and Documentation.

Jumoke Phillips, SQF Practitioner has the attention of team members of NFM’s
Flour Milling and Packaging Department at the ‘Food Safety Thursdays’ session
held on September 26, 2019.