Junior Extempo On the Rise

National Flour Mills Limited (NFM) joined with Friends of the Youths of Trinidad and Tobago (FOYTT) for the 5th National Junior Extempo Monarch Competition on February 8, 2020 at Cipriani Labour College, Valsayn. NFM has supported the competition from its inception and was pleased that new categories for primary school students and female students were included this year. Josiah Kennedy aka ‘Short Boss’ of St. James Secondary copped the $10,000.00 first prize and Marcus Mc Donald of San Fernando Boys’ won the title at the primary level.

Brian London, National Extempo Monarch and Founder of FOYTT, has been working with schools across the country to encourage students to develop the artform. He envisions future growth of the competition beyond our national borders and is working to achieve the first Caribbean Junior Extempo Monarch Competition by 2022. NFM commends the progress made to have young persons involved in the preservation of extempo and looks forward to its continued partnership with FOYTT.

A triumphant Josiah Kennedy, National Junior Extempo Monarch.

Primary level students receive their prizes.