NFM Celebrates with Mastana Bahar

Mastana Bahar is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year and National Flour Mills Limited (NFM) is proud to be a part of the commemoration. NFM regards its 32-year partnership with Mastana Bahar as a noteworthy investment in the preservation of the rich legacy of our local culture. NFM has traditionally sponsored the ‘Pick-a-Pan’ segment of Mastana Bahar in which members of the audience are invited to answer a question before picking one of three pans for a chance to win a cash prize. This well-known Hindi/English vocabulary game is geared towards increasing the knowledge of, and appreciation for the Hindi language. NFM’s sponsorship also supports the production and presentation of the ‘Children of Mastana’ series which caters for younger contestants. Khayal Mohammed, current producer of the show, highlighted the special value of the children’s version of the programme at NFM’s sponsorship presentation on 28 January 2020. He noted, “There is a special pride in seeing our talented youth on stage; in knowing that our traditions are transcending from one generation to another.”

Founded back in 1970 by the late Sham Mohammed, Mastana Bahar has come to be fondly known as the people’s programme. This iconic talent show stands as a beacon of Trinidad and Tobago’s culture showcasing East Indian dance, song and music on local television. NFM CEO, Kelvin Mahabir extended his congratulations to Mr. Mohammed and his team on the achievement of the 50th anniversary of Mastana Bahar, citing that “Fifty years is a significant milestone. NFM is proud to have supported Mastana Bahar along its journey and looks forward to the success of the show for many more years to come.”

Kelvin Mahabir, Chief Executive Officer, NFM (left) presents the donation to Mastana Bahar representatives, Leanne Dookie, Presenter and Khayal Mohammed, Producer.
Kelvin Mahabir, Chief Executive Officer, NFM (left) receives a commemorative magazine from Khayal Mohammed.
A light moment is shared following the presentations.
Lisa Cropper-Cudjoe, Communications Officer, NFM is flanked by Khayal Mohammed and Leanne Dookie.