NFM Hosts Supermarket Association

Our Sales and Marketing Department started 2020 with a strong customer-centric focus. Customer engagement has always been important. However, the decision to be more assertive arose out of internal discussions the year prior that pointed to the need for NFM to find more opportunities to build customer relationships. On January 8, 2020, NFM hosted the Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT) for its first Board Meeting of the year. SATT represents the interests of the largest cross-section of retailers nationwide including supermarket chains, independent supermarkets and groceries.
This meeting served as an important step for strengthening NFM’s relationship with this key customer group, and premier umbrella organization. The discussions involved finding mutually beneficial solutions to the challenges posed by trade channel impediments. NFM gave an assurance to pay further attention to its deliveries and product quality. Members of the Association, in turn, will communicate directly with designated customer representatives as situations arise to avoid resolution delays. These commitments are steps in the right direction for improved customer service. Further, learnings derived from the pursuit of strengthening the relationship with SATT, can augment efforts with other customer groups both local and abroad.