Fry Bake

Fry Bake

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    • 454 gms LION BRAND' Fry Bake Mix
    • 1/4 tsp salt
    • 1 tbsp sugar
    • LOTUS" Soyabean Oil for frying


      1. Add enough water to make soft but not sticky dough. Knead until smooth.
      2. Divide dough into small portions (1.2-2 ozs)
      3. Shape into small balls, cover with a damp cloth and allow to rest for 5-7 minutes.
      4. Place oil in fryer to heat. (Add enough oil to deep fry dough. Dough must be completely submerged in hot oil.)
      5. Roll balls flat to about 1/4 inch in thickness
      6. Place in hot oil. (Oil should begin to bubble)
      7. Fry until golden brown on both sides. (Turn from side to side, bake should float in oil)
      8. Remove and drain on absorbent paper.
      9. Store in an air tight container or plastic bag.
      1. If browning too quickly, lower flame.
      2. If dough does not float when placed in oil. Add more oil and allow to heat.
      3. If bake appears cooked on the outside but raw on the inside, lower heat.
      4. Use a 4: 2 ratio (flour : water)

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