Pholourie Recipe

Pholourie Recipe

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    • 1 lb LION BRAND® Pholourie Mix
    • Water for mixing
    • LOTUS' Soyabean Oil for frying


      1. For every pound of LION BRAND" Pholourie Mix (454 gms) add approximately 1-1.5 cups water.
      2. Mix well to form a paste for about 30 seconds.
      3. Allow to rest for one minute.
      4. In a frying pan pour enough oil for deep frying.
      5. Drop Pholourie Mix by teaspoonful into pre-heated oil.
      6. Pholourie mix will begin to fry with vigorous bubbling.
      7. As Pholourie begins to cook it will begin to rise and float to the surface of the frying pan.
      8. If necessary turn over to ensure thorough cooking or until golden brown.
      9. Remove from oil and drain on absorbent paper.
      10. Serve hot with chutney.
      NB: If browning occurs quickly, lower heat temperature.

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